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You’ve got to flip the bird at Donald’s tower block, before he’s impeached.

(There is a lot of orange, and this is no accident, the hotel manager explained. It was once known as New Amsterdam, after all.) On the expansive bookshelves, design books feature prominently.

According to the Byzantine historian Zosimus, Decius was clothed in purple and forced to undertake the [burdens of] government, despite his reluctance and unwillingness.

Decius' political program was focused on the restoration of the strength of the State, both militarily opposing the external threats, and restoring the public piety with a program of renovation of the State religion.

On my visit, it rained almost without stopping, leaving the terrace unused.

But there was, naturally, a flat screen TV at the end of the bath, complete with waterproof remote.

At the foot of my bed there was a vast orange sofa.

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