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Most of what passes for the music industry now is a farce, a put-on in which we all agree to curate an image of relentless cool while being slowly bled dry. We still drive to a town and set our gear up in a room full of strangers and try to tell the truth for an hour.

We do it for love, and we'll keep doing it, if we can. Thanks, - JF It’s been ten years since I shaved, or wore a tie.

We're going to air out a pile of new songs, His and Hers, boxing the compass in 15 states.

We've got a 9 year old Tour Manager who doesn't have an i Pad. EAST - In October we play the Northeast on the first leg of a three-month North America tour with Kris Delmhorst for the release of her new album THE WILD, which I co-produced and played on with my band.

(11/2); the Icicle Creek Center for the Arts (11/3) in Leavenworth. (11/11); finishing up at Soho in Santa Barbara, CA. These are all great rooms and they ought to be sweet, memorable shows. MIDWEST - In December we return home to the Midwest, traveling from The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI.

If you haven't been to Leavenworth, this is the good one. to Spring Lake (12/1) to Colectivo in Milwaukee, WI (12/9), with stops in Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota along the way. Send your friends and tell them that although our hospitality rider contains only four adjectives and four nouns - French wine, Mexican beer, hot coffee, and tap water - it is seldom filled precisely, and donations are always welcome, mainly in the beer department.

You set the house to rights looking over the things you own and which own you: a missing hub cap, the flower pot set out on the deck to catch cigarette butts now brewing a weak tea of rainwater and spent tobacco.

The problem with being human is that it’s about impossible to know anything while you’re in it, and we only apprehend our lives with any clarity in approach and retreat. The descent into reality can be startling but often enough it’s where the good work begins. Our heroes are dying off, the days are strange and warm, the river thunders down over the dam in town.

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’ Then it’s back to City Winery Chicago (12/3) which is just an awfully nice room.

Nothing in the 'Americana' genre is going to cut it folks, it's mostly soybeans.