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In an era when government pension benefits are under a lot of scrutiny, in part because retirement programs are costly and underfunded, it's not surprising that members of Congress would have the terms of their benefit package questioned as well. It didn't take us long to uncover a federal report, released in January, on "Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress" prepared for Congress by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. The key provision: no member of Congress is eligible for any pension unless he or she has served in Congress for at least five years.

One unsigned email sent to us a few times in recent weeks begins: "No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women serve in the U. military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, and only get 50 percent of their pay, while politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, and receive full pay retirement after serving one term. (Senators serve six-year terms; House members must seek reelection every two years.) To collect, a congressman or senator must be age 62, or be age 50 with 20 years of service, or be any age with 25 years of service.

He complied, but then shoved one of the troopers into the road and took off on foot, running across the highway into oncoming traffic.

After allegedly failing to respond to commands to stop, one of the troopers used a Taser, causing Thompson to fall to the road.

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This claim has been around the rotunda a few times.

Among the items seized: Eight high-powered pistols, a revolver, two AR-15 assault rifles, a sawed-off shotgun, numerous high-capacity rifle and pistol magazines, boxes of ammunition, military-issued smoke grenades, holsters, camouflage gear and masks, night-vision goggles and a Taser.

Überhaupt müsse der Zugang zur deutschen Staatsbürgerschaft erleichtert werden.… continue reading »

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) přistoupila Unie k Dohodě Evropské hospodářské komise Organizace spojených národů o přijetí jednotných technických pravidel pro kolová vozidla, zařízení a části, které se mohou montovat nebo užívat na kolových vozidlech, a o podmínkách pro vzájemné uznávání schválení typu udělených na základě těchto pravidel (dále jen „revidovaná dohoda z roku 1958“).… continue reading »

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"Search ye these books, and whatever is good in them, that retain; but whatsoever is evil, that cast away.… continue reading »

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It contains no value beyond personal opinion and should therefor be treated as such. Every once in a while you'll run into that anal retentive plot nazi that will say it simply can't be done like that.… continue reading »

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They cause cold water to rise from below the surface layer of the ocean, bringing with it many nutrients that ultimately benefit local fisheries.… continue reading »

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These two big cities have the largest pools of singles from which to choose. In fact, some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen have been from Russia.… continue reading »

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He believed in music as a life and death proposition, and you can hear the hunger in him, that lean coyote voice, long after he got famous and comfortable.… continue reading »

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