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17-Aug-2017 19:26

The hackers threaten to release the information unless Ashley Madison and its affiliated platform Established Men are shut down.

While we might think that buying things online is necessary, in almost every case, it’s not. I can see at a glance (looking in my envelopes for each cash spending category) how much I have left in that budget category. Sure, you could check your balance online, but most people never do this. This has been a hot topic in the last month or so on personal finance blogs, with people weighing in on both sides.

I went without a card for a little while, and then came the bad days.

I need to buy something important, and didn’t have the cash. Credit cards allow you to buy stuff, anything really, without having to think about it. So if I REALLY need to buy something online, I might ask a relative to order it for me, and give them cash.

If you've elected to cheat on your spouse using an online platform, you probably made a fiscal mistake: Paying with your credit card.

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Over the weekend, extramarital dating website Ashley Madison was breached by a group of hackers called "The Impact Team," who claim to have attained personal information (real names, addresses, financial records, emails) of more than 37 million users.You aren't handing over as much personal information, since it's effectively like paying in cash, says Kari Luckett, an editor at Compare