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Vor 38 Jahren kaufte er das erste The film visits places in the Serb-dominated Republika Srpska and Central Bosnia, which were worst affected by the fighting and ethnic cleansing.It includes interviews with high-ranking politicians, rock musicians, football players and , traumatised victims, artists, bullfighters, war criminals and philosophers and documents their lives and thoughts.

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- developed the first cash register in order to keep track of business transactions in his shop.Was für die afrikanischen Künstler der reinste Segen ist, wird von westlichen Kritikern und Museumsleuten allerdings als drohende Privatisierung und Monopolisierung von Kunst problematisiert.Sindika Dokolo, for example, whose collection of contemporary African art already represented Africa at the last Venice Biennial, purchased and fostered African art and artists with the sum of about three million euros last year alone.