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17-Nov-2017 12:06

They would carry through if you ended up purchasing the game. 2 - Now that there are objectives it will not allow me to complete the objective "Open the welcome pack" since I opened it previous to the objectives being posted. I also deleted the save game file separately just in case. I am unable to complete the initial set of objectives because I can't purchase or find the welcome pack in the store.3 - I have tried to contact EA support multiple ways and times via Twitter, chat, email etc. 4 - Wondering if you I will not be able to receive awards all season long because I will be stuck on this objective. I feel I am being ignored due to the fact that they know I am F#@%&d. When I click on the objective it it takes me to the "kickoff" tab but there is nothing there at all.I assume there should be more options and suspect this is related to my other issue.I have already spoken to support and was told to give case ID 34560778This is a bug in the PS3 version of Madden 16.UPDATED REQUEST (Dec 27): Currently when I am trying to open my packs that are 'saved for later' my game just crashes.This is specifically when I am trying to open Christmas packs; the game just shows an unknown error and returns to the login screen. Other than that I love the current Christmas event!

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When I click on the objective and go to the "Kickoff" tab in the store there is nothing there for me to purchase.

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