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For a start, though he still elegantly looks the part, Waite's attitude since at least the late '80s has been ultra anti-rockstar (in fact, his artistic integrity and aversion to "arena rock" led to the demise of "supergroup" Bad English just as it was creating major commercial waves). In a nutshell, with that aura of perpetual innocence and sprite-like enthusiasm whirling around him, Waite continually evokes a disarming and ageless Peter Pan. John Waite, for better or worse often terminally perceived as major female "heartthrob" material since his Babys era, still momentarily startles and blushes. Nobody's gonna take me seriously making a country record. But I tried to make Temple Bar like [Bob Dylan's] Blonde On Blonde, but the John Waite Blonde on Blonde.In actuality, he still thinks of himself as an underground artist ("I never really went mainstream") and he confesses that he has "always been very, very uncomfortable with very successful, nouveau rich people - just the bullshit of it, you know? So, when I was down on my luck, running out of money and stuff, the world was almost a better place for me, because I knew what I was dealing with, you know? It opened up doors for me spiritually, where I really did start to examine Zen Buddhism and stuff. It gives you a sense of value when you live in this society ..." And a sense of not feeling so ... Still, when I truthfully blurt out that he's looking great - looking healthy, and still ... But, seeing a great segue to talk about his new band (all first-rate musicians who have chemistry onstage as well as an au currant energy and visual appeal), he recovers quickly enough to say, "Well, thank you! The way I was living, there was no other way to go. And, it was a huge departure from what people expected, and yet it was me a thousand percent. It was real - I don't want to say poetry - but it's a real sense of using the language without having to use - big words, you know? But, I have that spirit in me that would probably just like to set off right to the South Seas and have a look!It hit #1 on Billboard's Album Rock Tracks and on the Hot 100 as well as #9 on the UK Singles Chart.

Waite re-recorded the song with country/bluegrass artist Alison Krauss which appeared on her album A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection, and released it to country music radio in 2007.Although, at 49, he has been living - with varying degrees of intensity - in the rock'n'roll limelight his entire adult life, as we sit chatting in the Oriental ambiance surrounding our booth at Chung Fow - an "abandoned Chinese restaurant" in a far flung Chicago suburb - so open, unpretentious, and seemingly ... Like when I tell him that "Thinking About You," gets my vote for strongest cut on the album, and - even before I can spit the thought out myself - he chimes in, "I actually mention the Flintstones in that one! ) No wonder, then, that Waite seems absolutely adamant about one thing: "I've no tolerance at all for being dominated by some corporate entity - none whatsoever." Conversely, he says that he and his new "indie" label, Gold Circle, "were really kind of meant for each other," and he enthuses that since one of his "dearest friends in the world," Rob Dillman, was recently made head of the company, "it's kind of like Christmas! ") But, judging from his other comments, Waite (a former art student who, over the years, has also been known to draw caricatures of himself when signing autographs) still might be the same guy in some respects that he was when he painted yet another fearless, introspective self-portrait with the new album's final cut, "Masterpiece of Loneliness." That song, which spawned the album's title in its lyrics, was actually written several years back for the "When You Were Mine" album, but, as John explains, "I just couldn't get the keyboard player to play it the right way.

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