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10-Jul-2017 19:08

They said they issue permits to operate relying on owners to fill out the applications truthfully.

Local tax documents on 42 internet cafés show the equipment is taxed like a vending machine and the cost varies based on the number of devices the cafe has on site.

- City Council members have expressed concern about the rise of internet cafes in Jacksonville, saying they want to investigate the comeback, as the I-TEAM has been doing.

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The State Attorney General's Office said the issue is a local one, and until the cafes cross county lines, that office would not be involved.Dennis admitted that going after the cafes could be costly because of the growing numbers now operating in the city.“Each one of these facilities will have to be investigated on a case-by-case basis before they can be prosecuted,” Dennis said.“I would like to see all of them shut down if they are truly... But trying to decide whether the gaming cafes are legit is the problem.

Raid after raid and arrest after arrest have ended with no clear answers on whether the game rooms, which pay out cash to their winners, are illegal.

One female customer told the I-TEAM that she knows she's gambling at the cafes, but that it’s her choice and she is glad they are being left alone for now.