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The corresponding German names are Schippen, Herz, Eckstein and Kreuz.Schippen and Eckstein are rarely used for spades and diamonds, though I have come across them in the Black Forest.It is used in Württemberg for Gaigel and for Binokel (which is similar to the American game Pinochle).Each suit consists of Ace (As), King (König), Queen (Dame), Jack (Bube), 10, 9, 8, 7.It is also used in parts of the Black Forest for the gambling game Vier-anderle (also known as Strassenwart).

These are sometimes known as "Scharfe Karten" (sharp cards) and consist of only A K D B 9 in each suit.

Each suit consists of Ace (As), King (König), Over (Ober), Under (Unter), 10, 9, 8, 7.

The cards which are now generally known as aces were originally twos and are still occasionally called Daus (Deuce).

The most usual set of names for the suits is a mixture: Kreuz for clubs, Pik for spades, Herz for hearts and Karo for diamonds.

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Although the 36 card German suited pack is generally labelled Tarock, the traditional 54 card French suited Tarock pack is used in Baden for their national game Cego.

These are the cards used in most of the country for the German national card game Skat.

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