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For specialists a 32 GB pen drive, with images, illustrations, exist.

As many of these images were taken by us, you may use them as you wish.

Aberg was unusual in that he also propagated his views world wide causing Zionist leaders to rent and rave, resulting in several Censorship trials against him.

He also published about his trials and other matter.

DISCOURSES: For electrifying discourses on a great variety of topics, see: Ditlieb Discourses.

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‘’If there is one Encyclopedia I would give my child it is The Cyclopædia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature, also known as Mc Clintock and Strong Encyclopedia. Join this in with Hasting Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, and you got the world in your hand’’.—Ditlieb Felderer This is the first Encyclopedia based of Free Speech and built on the spirit of USA First Amendment and its Unlimited, and not Hegel and French Revolution’s Limited Censorship.Åberg blev antisemit 1922 och figurerade i många olika antisemitiska och nationalsocialistiska föreningar och partier, dock utan att vara medlem i någon.