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28-Aug-2017 11:19

The cream product I use to cure it works very well, but its active ingredient appears to be urea.

How does this react with my skin to cure the problem?

But he went too fast around a corner, and was killed.

His sister, Annabel, who was in the car with William, escaped unhurt. I felt more sorry for him than I was for myself — can you imagine having to tell a mother that her son has died?

My parents were waving nervously at me from the other side of a glass partition, a mixture of such love and distress on their faces I could hardly bear to look at them.

I wanted my brothers to rush in and tell me it was time for a game of cricket with them in the garden. I was only 13, but old enough to feel I desperately wanted my life back. It is a chapter in my life I rarely talk about and one that left my spine permanently twisted, my left arm thinner and my left hand much weaker than my right. It all started innocuously enough, with what seemed like a cold.

I’d go and talk to the children who weren’t able to move, and I learned to walk again using a frame.

How can a tube as flimsy as a mosquito's proboscis be stiff enough to act as a hollow boring tool?

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In an effort to allow victims to move freely and work outside government facilities, the government collaborated with an international hotel chain to identify employment opportunities, advertised the positions to more than 100 trafficking victims, issued work permits to four trafficking victims, and arranged medical screenings as part of the work permit approval process for an additional five victims during the year.… continue reading »

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So meet Hinge 2.0: The new layout is more like Instagram than Tinder, and now instead of just “liking” someone overall you have the option to like one of their photos or a detail from their bio.… continue reading »

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“They didn’t have the sensitivity of our instruments at that time and they were criticised because the undistinguished bulk could produce wrong ages,” said Levchenko.… continue reading »

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Every time there is a sparkling, sizzling, scorching new onscreen pairing, drama viewers of various persuasions suddenly feel this uncontrollable urge to scream at the screen: Just Date Already! It’s often exhilarating, but mostly painful since the number of co-stars who ended up dating is a tiny fraction of the amount of acting couplings out there.… continue reading »

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Horny blonde lady took coworker to her place to enjoy sex with a new lover while hubby is away from home.… continue reading »

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