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It measures 58 inches (148 cm) high, 42 inches (106 cm) wide, 6 inches (16 cm) thick, and weighs one ton.

Upon further examination, the researchers were even more stunned: the tablet appears to show a highly accurate topographical map of Bashkiria, a specific area of the Ural Mountains, at a scale of approximately 1:1.1km.

Archeologists from the Bashkir State University discovered the Dashka stone in the Ural Mountains of eastern Russia on July 21, 1999.

The first shell, Navicopsina munitus of the Gyrodeidae family, could be as old as 500 million years.

Dolomite and Diopside glass slabs like this can be found everywhere Limestone (Dolomite) deposits have been covered through time and then uncovered later. Then weight, heat and salts chemically create the secondary layers along fissures.

Then further weight and heating/cooling fractures the stone.

Displacement of the canyon happened because of tectonic stabs which moved from East.

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The group of Russian and Chinese specialists in the field of cartography, physics, mathematics, geology, chemistry, and Old Chinese language managed to precisely find out that the slab contains the map of Ural region, with rivers Belya, Ufimka, Sutolka.

Slabs like this can be found all over the world in areas where Limestone Caverns have been formed. If no patina exists, then I would deem it a fake because no engraving could exist in a stone that is exposed to the elements or buried without accumulating debris.