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04-Dec-2017 22:35

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And what better way to do that than going on the pill?I had my moment when I was 16-years-old and dating my first boyfriend.

Since the Yaz birth control pills have a bad reputation, and since my doctor was worried about my health, I switched pills yet again.Sometimes, I would get so angry that I would say mean things that surprised even myself.I would do things, and later, when I wasn’t as angry, I would look back and wonder how I had done that. I looked back on the past few months, and knew that all of the sadness and anger wasn’t me at all. I had also finally realized that the drastic change in my mood could have been because of my birth control pills. I switched to Beyaz, a birth control pill from the Yaz family.It never crossed my mind that it could be my birth control pills, because no one had ever warned me of that side effect…

I just thought that there was something wrong with me.

The week before I got my period, I changed from my normal self into an angry, sad, moody girl.

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" Die Mitglieder der "Christlichen Vereine Junger Menschen" (CVJM) und den Ev... Amtsgericht: Weil sie säckeweise PET-Flaschen unterschlagen haben sollen, waren ein ehemaliger Lkw-Fahrer und sein Bruder angeklagt.… continue reading »

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